Bastian Vom Oderhaff - Imported Fjord Stallion

Landsdrop Ranch is home to top caliber Fjord Horses, including our German-imported white dun stallion, Bastian Vom Oderhaff (NFHR Blue Evaluation Score of 83%).

Bastian is standing at stud for outside mares by live cover and AI for 2017. All mares must be fjord mares registered with the NFHR, as the registry prohibits cross-breeding.

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TUF Annie

Annie is my first fjord and embodies all the best traits of the fjord breed. She's taken me on trails and Christmas caroling. She's given pony rides to children of ALL ages, and she's a breed ambassador at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo's Horse Discovery exhibit.

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PF Gra Violet

Don't think of this product or service as your third favorite, think of it as the bronze medalist in an Olympic medals sweep of great products/services.

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Exceptional Fjords in Texas

Our Approach

The horse world is changing. We need horses that can carry older riders, larger riders, more tentative riders. We need horses that can be kid and family friendly, but still have the athleticism for almost any sport. The Norwegian Fjord is ideal.

We need horses that have been bred responsibly, in accordance with strict breed standards, to produce the next generation of riding and driving horses, to preserve a rare and special breed, but not to contribute to the overpopulation problem.

This is why Landsdrop Ranch stands the absolute best specimen of the breed we could find, a twice imported and highly-evaluated stallion of international caliber. We are a small breeding farm, focused on producing foals of exception quality from a limited number of mares. We can help you find the fjord horse of your dreams - even if it is not one of the ones here. If you have a registered, quality fjord mare that you are interested in breeding, we have some creative programs to help you get the foal of your dreams.


Come See the Fjords at the Stock Show...

From February 8th - February 26th 2017, Annie and Violet are at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo's "Horse Discovery" Exhibit. Meet the fjords, and if you have questions, I will be around on the weekend days during that time.

Also Haplo, my Friesian/Percheron gelding is there, too.