About Us

Annie - Horseback Christmas Caroling

Our Approach

The horse world is changing. We need horses that can carry older riders, larger riders, more tentative riders. We need horses that can be kid and family friendly, but still have the athleticism for almost any sport. The Norwegian Fjord is ideal.

We need horses that have been bred responsibly, in accordance with strict breed standards, to produce the next generation of riding and driving horses, to preserve a rare and special breed, but not to contribute to the overpopulation problem.

This is why Landsdrop Ranch stands the absolute best specimen of the breed we could find, an imported and highly-evaluated stallion of international caliber. We are a small breeding farm, focused on producing foals of exception quality from a limited number of mares. We can help you find the fjord horse of your dreams - even if it is not one of the ones here. If you have a registered, quality fjord mare that you are interested in breeding, we have some creative programs to help you get the foal of your dreams.

Our Story

You will never forget your first encounter with a fjord.

In 2002, I went to the Waverly Draft Horse Sale in Iowa to find a draft-cross for a dressage prospect. I spent several days walking through the barns, talking with owners, meeting horses. Tucked into a corner of the sale barn were two dun ponies with a crowd of people around them. Always a crowd. To the point that I barely got to meet them. I didn't bring a fjord home from that sale, because in my mind I was still looking for something else - and I'd found an awesome Percheron gelding. I never forgot those ponies and how they interacted with people.

When I lost my main riding horse to colic a few years later, I kept thinking of the fjords. I thought they would be ideal for my nieces to learn to ride on, they were substantial enough for me to ride from time to time, and they had a draft-horse sensibility in a smaller package. So, I scoured the internet for prospects and found my mare, TUF Annie, in Michigan. I flew to Michigan, met her and her breeders, took a trail ride, and was hooked. Little did I know that I'd changed my own future that day.